About Alicia

"It is a rare opportunity to meet a woman with such a great depth of passion, compassion, courage and strength as Alicia.  It is an even more rare and special opportunity to work with a woman who is truly living her truth.  As a yoga instructor, a care taker, and a Birth Doula, Alicia is very clearly living her passion and her truth.  I am truly honored to work along side Alicia as a fellow yoga and birth worker and find great comfort knowing she is out in the world supporting birthing mothers and their families through one of life's greatest journeys.  She is truly a gift."

Brooke Holmberg

Yoga, Birth, Lactation

Alicia Kornacker has a gift that calms those in her presence. Her clients feel safe, understood, and heard with her. Alicia’s life has been rich in a vast array of experiences. She’s seen and felt the slimiest of life but also the many, many miracles full of so much joy. She has to laugh at the phrase “a blessing and a curse” as she hates to admit so much of everything is just that! She knows that it was in the slime of life that her heart burst open and cultivated a woman with tremendous strength, integrity and the exceptional ability to truly be present for another, to honor any individual’s unique needs and give great care and compassion to those she is with. Alicia feels her life set the perfect path for her to develop all the skills and character needed to be the Birth Doula she is. She knows to her core, there is simply no one “right” way to bring a child into this world and that trusting, listening and honoring her client’s unique and very individual needs is the most important gift she can give. Alicia lives and LOVES to serve the families she works with, with every ounce of her heart and soul.

Alicia believes in empowering and respecting each and every need her clients have. Alicia will meet you without judgment, guide you to find the birth style that feels best to you and will truly make herself available to you 24/7 from the time your sweet baby is still in your belly through the postpartum period, always making sure you feel held and supported. Alicia works seamlessly with your birth team including anyone invited on your birth journey to create a safe and joyful experience every step of the way.

Alicia just returned from Bali in April 2017 where she attended Eat Pray Doula’s Advanced Birth-Keeper training for Doulas. This weeklong, very intense training was taught by Ibu Robin Lim (CNN Hero of the year, founder of The Bumi Sehat Foundation and midwife in the documentary; The Guerilla Midwife) and Debra Pascali-Bonaro (from the documentary and book Orgasmic Birth). This training not only gave Alicia the gift of many more skills and tools than she could have possibly imagined to better help support and comfort birthing families, but also affirmed how very important and needed Birth Doulas are to help ensure a safe, uninterrupted, beautiful birth – whatever the type, style or place of the birth.

Alicia graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota in 2002. Alicia has worked in the mental health and public health fields, she also used to teach Hatha Yoga, was a PCA for children with Autism and was a nanny for infants and toddlers. When she came to the realization that she was a Birth Doula at heart and needed to start supporting mothers and families, she quickly changed almost all aspects of her life in order to make space to live on-call for her clients and to simply be the best Birth Doula she could be. And she hasn’t looked back!

Alicia lives in Minneapolis with her beloved Boxer pup, Jewel. She has a great love of all animals and dreams about rescuing every single animal in need! Though Alicia takes her work very seriously, she does not take herself too seriously. When not with a client or teaching a yoga class, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Alicia would love to say all free moments are spent staying active and exploring the world around her, but admits to the special place in her heart for throwing half a day away snuggled up next to her pup on the couch, eating pizza and fading away into a Hulu or Netflix marathon.

Alicia would love to hear from you whether you are interested in her Doula or Yoga services, or are simply in need of guidance of any kind. Thank you for visiting.

Training & Certifications

  • Completed Eat Pray Doula's Advanced Skills training for Birth Doulas 2017 (with Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Ibu Robin Lim)

  • Completed Prenatal Yoga Training 2014 and BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) Yoga training 2015

  • Completed 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in 2008.

  • Completed Birth Doula training 2015.

  • Completed Birth Doula training 2014.

  • Bachelor of Science in Family Social Science with an emphasis in Public Health 2002.

  • Active member of the Twin Cities Childbirth Collective