"Alicia is an amazing person and birth doula. My husband and I could not have found a better person to guide us up to, during and after the birth of our daughter. She provided information, resources, and support prior to her birth, and went out of her way to meet our needs. During the birth, Alicia supported and advocated for our care plan. She provided tremendous encouragement, knowledge and physical support during the labor itself. Her calming presence and sense of humor, were the perfect combination. All of this helped to make this experience wonderful for both my husband and I. However, when I think of Alicia, what I believe truly sets her apart from others, and what I would call her “Doula Super Power”, is her ability to read, understand, and relate to all types of people. She knows exactly what each individual needs and how to approach situations. My husband and I had different needs throughout this process and Alicia helped us both feel supported and valued along the way. Alicia also demonstrated this skill when working with other hospital staff during the birth. Without Alicia, I am certain we would not have had the natural birth we desired. Thank you Alicia!"

K, G and A

"We were on the fence about hiring a doula: not sure if we could afford it or if it would be worth it, but I was SO nervous about labor and delivery that I really felt I needed someone with us that had been apart of it before. So, fairly last minute we decided to hire Alicia and I have to say that it was one of THE BEST decisions we've made! Not only was she a huge support and comfort to me while I was in labor, I think my husband would say she helped him even more. She even continued to offer emotional support post-partum, which made a world of difference at the time. She is amazing and we love her!"


"We were reluctant to have someone else be present during our birth because it is such an intimate moment. Alicia’s kindness, and calmness made our decision very easy. When we look back now, hiring Alicia as our doula was the best decision we made. We had a back labor and while birth was getting closer and the pain in my lower back was getting more and more intense, Alicia seemed to know just how, when, and where to apply pressure to release the pain. She guided my husband through our birthing process, she kept him and me calm, supported me with kind words or holding my hand, cooled my body down with cold wet towels and continuously handed me my drink to stay hydrated. Thanks to Alicia, we were able to have the natural birth we wanted. I can not say thank you enough to our birth doula, Alicia, for a great experience during this amazing journey."


"From the moment we first met, Alicia had such a calming presence and ease that we knew she would be amazing to have present on our big day. Now we know we could not have had the wonderful birth story we have if not for her being a part of our team. Alicia was there for me at all hours in the weeks leading up to our birth. She helped me get out of my head and embrace every moment. The moment my water broke after going through a prodromal labor for over a week, she joined us at the hospital with a supply of momma requested coconut water in hand and our labor party began. She made our birthing room feel like home with ferry lights and electric candles to warm up the space and an essential oil diffuser to calm us with the scent of lavender. The nurses were so impressed with how zen our birthing room became that they were taking photos to show their friends! I wanted an all natural birth and because labor was not progressing and the doctors were starting to push un-wanted interventions, having Alicia there was amazing with her calming and positive demeanor and ideas on how to kick start our labor naturally. She gave me a Yoga session in our room, walked the hallways with us and climbed the stairs with me - we laughed and talked, we even had a dance party! We had some serious fun let me tell you! When my contractions kicked in and things really got going Alicia was right by our side coaching, relaxing and soothing us, she helped maintain a truly safe and calming energy in our delivery room and knew just how to be there at every changing moment. She was the best teammate my husband says we could have ever asked for. Honestly, if Alicia hadn’t been with us during our birth and the days leading up to it we know our birth story could have easily been very different. Instead, we can look back on that journey and feel incredibly thankful that our birth dreams came true and we were able to bring our baby girl into the world in an even more beautiful way than we could have ever hoped for. We cannot say enough amazing things about her and anyone would be truly lucky to have Alicia as a part of their birth story."


"My wife and I were not sure we needed or wanted a doula. We thought it would be another person to deal with and distract us in the delivery room. Alicia was just the opposite. She was a calm presence throughout the pregnancy and delivery. She educated, enlightened, and empowered us to plan for the birth WE wanted. During labor she was a seamless part of the team in working with the midwife and nursing staff. She provided support to my wife in the form of massage, aromatherapy and concise communication, visualization. She was always there just when a cold cloth, a drink of water, or a word of encouragement was needed. She stayed present and embraced the birth we experienced. Alicia also made me a better partner, offering advice when she saw I needed it or giving me a break when I needed. She was present when we needed her, and became almost invisible at just the right moment to give us space and enjoy the process as a couple. She was the emotional anchor that kept us present in the most transformative day of our lives. We are forever grateful"


"I originally was not going to have a doula; I didn't even know what a doula was! But I am SO happy I learned about them and met Alicia. She has an amazing ability to know what you need in the moment and guide you to find the best soothing/comfort technique for you. I will never forget (in a good way!) "riding the wave" of contractions while laboring in the hospital. She was a blessing to have as part of my birthing experience."


"My husband and I knew that we wanted a doula to support us during pregnancy and birth, but we had trouble finding someone who felt like a good fit. That changed when we met Alicia. She immediately made us feel comfortable and supported. As first time parents, we did a lot of preparation (reading, taking classes, etc) for birth. The prep was helpful, but honestly a lot of that went out the door when labor actually began. As soon as Alicia joined us, she provided us with the perfect mix of information and reassurance that my body knew exactly what it was doing. She was able to get me out of my head and back into my body in order to help my labor progress. There were moments throughout labor when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore and Alicia was the best cheerleader- encouraging me not only verbally, but through gentle touch, reminding me to drink and eat and coaching me to continue to breathe through contractions. My husband struggles with queasiness and fainting and Alicia did an excellent job balancing keeping him upright while continuing to support me. He shared that there were only a few moments when he felt faint, and attributed this to Alicia helping him feel safe and cueing him to take breaks as needed. We got the natural birth that we were hoping for and we could not have done it without Alicia."


"Alicia was originally our back-up doula, our 2nd in command, our 2nd choice; next time, she will be our 1st choice immediately! I talked to Alicia on the phone the night before being admitted to the hospital. During our conversation I realized that if I would end up birthing my baby with her, I would be in good hands. On the phone, she did not make me feel stupid or uncomfortable. She listened to my fears and symptoms and offered suggestions and most importantly kept me calm. She drove over to the hospital to be with us as soon as she was called. She walked with me in the hospital hallways and was always ready to offer hip squeezes and support when I was experiencing contractions. When my labor was not progressing, Alicia was happy to stay with us in the hospital – we had to convinced her to go home and rest overnight. She was loyal. The next morning, she arrived with a latte for my husband as requested. One of the main reasons that we hired a doula was that my husband was unsure that he could be in the room during the birth or what his role would be. Alicia embraced his uncertainty and made it clear that she worked for the both of us. She did not make him feel judged. It was a long day and Alicia was always there, assisting with birthing positions or distracting me with conversation. She offered me cool compresses & was supportive when I decided to have an epidural. She was also gracious with my family members who were present at the hospital. Alicia took birth photographs on our cell phones, which at the time, I was unsure that I wanted but am now grateful to own. She captured a moment that we are so proud to have – our first family photo of 3. Alicia made me feel like a warrior even though I knew I had nothing to prove. She fed me ice chips throughout the pushing process and offered encouragement. She was the first to provide me with food after labor. She never out-stayed her welcome. In fact, that first night in the hospital with my newborn was difficult and I found myself missing Alicia’s presence. But I learned quickly that she was never that far away. I texted her when I was discharged and struggling with night sweats. I texted her again when I was curious about making frozen sanitary napkins for recovery. She scheduled our follow-up appointment and went out of her way to find me chocolate croissants to indulge my craving. We loved introducing Alicia to our son & having her in our home. We have never regretted hiring a doula & keep Alicia close to our hearts. As I write this, our son is 6 months old & I have already referred Alicia’s services to several expectant mothers. Without her (or our midwives), I am certain that my desire of having a vaginal birth would have been unsuccessful. Even now, months later, I know that I could contact Alicia if needed. I wouldn’t even hesitate to have her babysit our son! I am proud to call her our doula."


"I am so glad that I picked Alicia to be my doula. I found great comfort in her calmness during my labor. When I needed medical intervention, I was better with the turn of events because Alicia empowered me to seek all of the alternative avenues before agreeing to it. There were no "what ifs" left on the table. We immediately clicked and I feel like I didn't just find a doula, but a friend as well."


"Alicia was the perfect balance for my husband and I as we prepared, labored and welcomed our daughter into the world. From the first meeting there was an unspoken connection with Alicia. She spent time listening and getting to know us before the birth. Prenatal yoga was very helpful to prepare my body. She was extremely supportive during the labor process. Her guidance and support for my husband in how to best support me was valuable as first time parents not knowing what to expect in the birth process. She helped me listen to my body, stay focused and feel empowered. Her positive energy and strong hands were essential during the long labor hours. She captured priceless photos of our first moments as a family. Her postpartum home visits were helpful and encouraging for healing. Baby sure did recognize her voice!! I am so thankful for the kindness, support and humor that Alicia brought to our journey. What a blessing to have her as our doula! "


"Our children mean the world to us and my wife and I feel so fortunate that Alicia is the person there for them when we can't be. Over the past two years Alicia has time and again proven herself to be a caring, creative and dedicated child care provider. As parents we are very aware of how stressful and difficult a job taking care of our children can be and Alicia attacks this difficult and rewarding task with vigor and love. She is cool under pressure (lord knows two girls under four can provide pressure) and is bursting with empathy while also providing the accountability, structure and love that our children need. We are so very lucky that she is a trusted and reliable part of our families lives."

Chris Freeman

"Alicia is warm, compassionate, calm and chill. It is just what I need in pregnancy and preparing for birth! Her prenatal classes are so nurturing. Alicia encourages students to honor their bodies and vary the practice to meet the body's needs that day. She also brings a spirituality that helps me feel more connected to myself and to my little one. She celebrates all births, and (despite my planned c-section) I feel welcomed and honored in her class."